spunout’s Climate Action Hub

The Climate Action Hub explores the climate crisis and what we can do to take climate action.

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The climate crisis affects us all. As global temperatures continue to rise, the devastating effects of climate change are impacting people and nature across the world. We need to come together and take strong action for people and the planet now more than ever.

spunout’s Climate Action Hub features articles, interviews and opinion pieces exploring the causes and solutions of the climate crisis, policy responses, youth perspectives and climate justice. Explore the Climate Action Hub to learn more about the climate crisis and take action.

Learn about the climate crisis

Climate Glossary
What is climate change?
How does climate change affect Ireland?
Climate change documentaries, podcasts and websites you need to see
What is Ireland doing about climate change?
10 facts about climate change
5 Common misunderstandings about the climate crisis

Learn about climate justice

What is climate justice?
What is a just transition?
What is energy poverty?

Learn about climate policy

What is Ireland’s Climate Law?
What is the European Green Deal?
What is the Paris Climate Agreement?
What is COP28?

Hear from young people about the climate crisis

How the climate crisis is impacting people in the global south
Greenwashing, COP 28, and why we, as young people, are the answer
spunout’s Island on Fire campaign

Take action

How to get involved in climate activism in Ireland
How to take action in your local community
Climate action groups for young people in Ireland
How to contact politicians about the climate crisis
Contacting businesses about their climate policies
How to work together to solve the climate crisis
Combat the climate crisis by working with nature
5 Tips for talking about the climate crisis


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