How to spend time with your partner while social distancing

Many people are choosing not to see their partners to help slow the spread of COVID-19

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When the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions were announced, many people asked ‘can I see my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner during social distancing?’. Unfortunately, if you don’t live together, then the Government has asked that you stay apart. This can be difficult as you will probably miss spending time with that person a lot and miss being able to kiss, hug, cuddle or have sex together. 

It can be hard knowing that it might be a while before you can spend time together like you used to, but it’s important to find ways to stay connected and keep looking forward to the future. 

How to stay close to your partner while social distancing

If you miss your girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner during COVID-19, there are ways you can stay connected while keeping your distance

Make time for dates

Although you may be unable to physically go on dates at the moment, with access to the internet dates can still be held online. Select specific times that you can focus on each other as you would were you able to be together. Do the things you enjoy, such as watching movies, having dinner or playing games. Make the most of video call apps such as Zoom, Google Hangout or Facebook Messenger instead of just speaking on the phone. Seeing your partner’s face can help you to feel more connected to them than hearing their voice alone.

Check in on one another

Although you may be chatting throughout the day, sometimes these conversations may be more small talk than talking about your feelings or experience of the pandemic. Take some time to check in on each other and ask about how staying at home is affecting the other person. Spending all your time indoors and with the same people can be tough, especially if you have recently become unemployed also. Prioritise each other’s mental health and wellbeing and make a conscious effort to talk about how you’re feeling and recommending ways to get through these tough times.

Work out together

During the pandemic our health is our priority and part of staying healthy while at home is ensuring that you are getting regular exercise. Although you can not physically work out with your partner, making plans to exercise at the same time is a great way to keep each other motivated. You may decide to video call while practicing yoga, or to use the same workout apps or YouTube tutorial. Regardless of what you pick, try to find something you can enjoy and can create a regular exercise routine together with.

Make plans for the future

Although it may be a little bitter sweet, making plans to spend time together once you are allowed to can give you both something to look forward to. Think about your favourite things to do together such as your favourite places to eat or walks to go on, and remind each other that you will be able to enjoy them together again soon.

Take up a new hobby together

During the pandemic, you will probably find yourself with more spare time on your hands than usual. Make the most of this time by taking up a new hobby that you and your partner can enjoy together. Whether it is gaming online, reading the same book or challenging each other with games and quizzes, you have the opportunity to find a new passion that you can share together.

Give each other space

If you are bored, it can be easy to want all of your partner’s attention so that you feel less lonely. Being in constant contact can be draining on a couple, as people often need space to enjoy their own hobbies and focus on themselves during the day. Respect the boundaries of your partner and do not rely on them to be your only source of entertainment. Set aside time in which you spend together, or spend alone so that you can create balance in your day.

Are you spending the pandemic separated from your partner? Share your experience of how you are staying connected with us.

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious around the current pandemic?

This situation is completely new to everyone involved and it is normal to feel worried or anxious about what is going on. Following the Government’s instructions on how to stay safe and help slow the spread of the virus, can help to make you feel more in control of your current situation.

If you feel overwhelmed by the current situation and need someone to talk to, our anonymous, 24 hour text line is always open. You’re worth talking about and we’re here to listen and support you.

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