SpunOut.ie launches Let’s Talk About Sex campaign

Take a positive and proactive approach to your sexual health and well-being this Valentine’s Day

Written by spunout


To celebrate Valentine’s Day, this week we launch our new sex positivity campaign “Let’s Talk About Sex”. Being ‘sex positive’ means to take a positive and proactive approach to your sexual and mental health together. Here at SpunOut.ie we want to encourage all our readers to take an active role in their sexual health and mental well-being. By this we mean we want young people to be informed about how to have safer sex, that they can enjoy and that benefits their lives, if and when they choose to do so. 

Sex can be a wonderful part of life and to in order to be able to enjoy it to it’s fullest we must make informed choices about the protection and contraception we use, the boundaries we set with our partners and know where to turn for help if we experience difficulties with our sexual health and relationships.

For this campaign our volunteers have written about their experiences of sex, sex education and sexual assault in order to open up conversations about sexual stigma, sex and  mental health, pleasure, and how to positively navigate sexual health within relationships. We have also joined up with sexual health educator Anna Keogh to answer your most asked questions about sex.

Let’s Talk About Sex 

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