Katie Donohoe

Why LGBTI+ inclusive sex education is important

Written by Illan Dunne

Illan shares his thoughts on how an LGBTI+ inclusive sex education programme could benefit everyone.

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What the new Junior Cert RSE programme means for sex education in Ireland

Written by Aoife O'Driscoll

While the new junior cycle RSE programme is everything Aoife wishes she had learned, she is sad for those who have missed out.

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Why I go for STI tests regularly even if I’m symptom-free

Written by Lisa

While Lisa has found that getting an STI test is easier than expected, she feels more education is needed to reduce stigma.

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How I communicate with my partner about contraception

Written by Anonymous

This spunout contributor makes speaking with her partner about contraception a regular conversation, and while she says it can sometimes be awkward...

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What I wish I knew before I started taking the pill

Written by Marie-Helene Junker

When it comes to the myths on social media about the pill, Marie shares how speaking with her doctor and doing her own research helped her find the...

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How I learned to stop taking sex so seriously

Written by Mike Edgar

Sex was not what Mike thought it would be like before he started having it. Read about how he helped to ease his nerves and embrace the fun side of...

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Who is responsible for making sure contraception is used

Written by Tia Weldon

While some may hold onto traditional ideas when it comes to who is responsible for contraception, Tia highlights how everyone needs to play their p...

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Taking an at-home free STI self test is easier than you’d expect

Written by D'Andra Andrews

D’Andra shares her experience taking an at-home STI test, a service available to anyone over 17 in Ireland.

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How a lack of sex education impacted my sexual health

Written by Danya Ateya

While sex education in Ireland left Danya with more questions than answers, she is hopeful that the next generation will embrace these sometimes aw...

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How I found the right contraception for me

Written by Izzy

Izzy outlines her journey switching from the pill to the implant and how we all deserve more when it comes to sexual health.

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Three volunteers share what they have gained from their experience

Three listening volunteers from Text About It, Niteline and Childline share their experience.

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What it is like to have a disability in Ireland

Written by Alan Fay

Alan, a wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy, shares his experience growing up in Dublin.

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