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Why I am still undecided on the care referendum

Written by Ross Boyd

With a referendum on the way Ross shares how he decided he will vote yes on the family amendment, but why the care amendment worries him.

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Why sports is important to friendships between men

Written by Craig Doyle

Craig discusses the significance that sports has on societal norms when men form and sustain friendships.

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Techniques I have developed to replace self-harm

Written by Aly Ryan

Using therapy and creating a kindness box, Aly explores ways she combats urges and finds healing, sharing her path from self-harm to self-care.

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What I wish people understood about self-harm

Written by Charlie Beaudelot

Charlie explores their changing triggers for self-harm, debunks stereotypes, and highlights wound care for personal well-being and healing.

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How healing my inner child helped me stop self-harming

Written by Charlie Harney

Charlie looks into how their self-harm was rooted in childhood pressures, highlighting the healing power of nurturing the inner child's needs.

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My journey with self-harm

Written by Kate Wareing

Kate takes an honest look at their journey with self-harm, from triggers to recovery, they discuss strategies used for prevention and healing.

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How understanding self-harm helped me stop

Written by Anonymous

This spunout contributor delves into realising different forms of self-harm, shedding light on unrecognised behaviours and the path to self-healing.

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How I spoke about self-harm with my therapist

Written by Rebecca O'Brien

TW // This piece discusses self-harm. Please look after yourself if you choose to read on. Our text support service details are listed below. If yo...

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How the climate crisis is impacting people in the global south

Written by Fatima Ismail

Speaking with a local from Sudan in North Africa, Fatima reveals how rising global temperatures unfairly affect the Global South.

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How to register to vote in Ireland

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