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5 apps for those restless nights

Have trouble sleeping? These apps can help!

Written by Keyla Gomez and posted in health

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Often times, we can find ourselves tossing and turning and struggling to have a good nights rest. Luckily, there are apps that are designed to help and these are a few of our favorites!

Sleep Pillow

This app has over 70 sounds, from thunderstorms to quiet piano playing, that can all be combined together to create the perfect atmosphere to completely knock out.

Sleep Better

This app acts as a smart alarm clock and monitors your sleep to wake you up at just the right moment! You can track your dreams and review your sleeping patterns too! (It works even better when used with Sleep Pillow!)

Yoga for Insomnia

This one teaches you different poses that’ll help you reduce stress and have a better nights rest!

Long Deep Breathing

Although this app isn’t specifically made for sleeping, it’ll help you relax and focus on your breathing which can be soothing when intruding thoughts enter your head at night!

Insomnia Cure

Similarly to Sleep Pillow, this app comes with audio content to help you sleep but with the added bonus of tips on dealing with insomnia!

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Published April 26th, 2015
Last updated October 29th, 2015
Tags sleep insomnia apps
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