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Alcohol awareness

Stay healthy if you do choose to have a drink every now and then

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in health

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Here at SpunOut we know that not everyone drinks alcohol, but the reality is that many people do. Even knowing the dangers of drinking, many of us still choose to drink too much. It's easy to say "never again" when you've got the hangover from hell but it's much more difficult by the following weekend. So, if you do choose to to drink then learn how to minimise the damage:

Eat before you start drinking

This slows down the rate that alcohol is absorbed into your body. Watch out for pub snacks though, the salt will make you thirstier.

Drink slowly!

Don't gulp down three pints in an hour just because you've had a tough day. Binge drinking (six or more drinks in one session) is a huge problem in Ireland and it is dangerous for your health.

If you feel yourself getting drunk then slow down or stop until you sober up again. It means that at the end of the night you've less chance of being too drunk and sick

Drink water

You've heard it a hundred times, but drink lots of water or a non-alcoholic drink while you're drinking alcohol. Before you go to bed, drink as much water as you can. It will stop you getting too dehydrated (that's what causes the hangover headache).

Keep an eye on how much you're drinking

Calculate how many units you may have had by using an online drink calculator.

Stay safe

Don't accept drinks from strangers and don't steal drinks from other tables, as you risk having your drink spiked.

Getting home

Make sure you've got a safe way to get home - take a taxi or a nitelink, and don't go alone.

Keep an eye on friends. If any of them are really drunk, make sure they get home safely.

  • Check out our Hello Sunday Morning campaign which encourages people to examine their relationship with alcohol, and consider taking a break from alcohol

Remember it is against the law for a young person under 18 to buy alcohol or drink alcohol in a public place. Read more about young people and alcohol on Alcohol Action Ireland's website.

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Published Feb­ru­ary 25th2013
Last updated June 25th2018
Tags drink alcohol safety
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