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GHB: Know the effects and risks of taking GHB

GHB is also known as liquid ecstasy, liquid X

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in health

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Remember: All drugs, including the misuse of prescribed medication, can pose serious health risks, up to and including possible death.

GHB is a synthetic drug used as an anaesthetic. It comes in a clear, odourless liquid or in powder form and has a slightly salty taste. You can usually buy it in small bottles to swallow by the capful.

The effects of taking GHB

  • You become more relaxed and sleepy or may feel more energetic
  • GHB can increase sociability and sexual desire
  • If you take larger amounts you may become unconscious

Side effects of taking GHB

Side effects of taking GHB can include:

  • Dizziness
  • digestive upset and nausea
  • loss of balance
  • slurred speech

Risks of taking GHB

There are a number of risks associated with taking GHB

Risk of overdose

The difference between the dose needed to get you high and an overdose can be as little as half a capful. Dosage is also difficult to calculate as the strength of GHB varies from bottle to bottle. 

Higher doses can cause nausea, muscle stiffness, vomiting, confusion and convulsions.

In some cases it can lead to coma and respiratory collapse. There's also a danger of choking on vomit.

Not knowing what you get

Badly produced GHB can burn the mouth, and it there is never any guarantee that you know exactly what you're taking when you buy illegal drugs.

Mixing with other drugs

Mixing GHB with alcohol or other drugs can be extremely dangerous, even fatal, because of its depressant effects.

Strong effects

The effects of GHB are strong, and it can really knock you out. Because of this, GHB has been linked to drug assisted sexual assault.

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Published Feb­ru­ary 25th2013
Last updated June 28th2018
Tags drugs addiction
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