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Is my vagina normal?

From shape and size to smell and hair, let’s talk about what’s going on down there

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in health

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We spend plenty of time talking about penis size and shape but it’s rare that girls will sit down and discuss what’s going on between their legs.

Whether they call it their vag, 'fanny,' 'snatch', 'gash', 'clunge' or 'front bum', some girls spend a lot of time worrying about the way their vaginas look so let’s clear up the myths about your lady bits.

Before we begin, what's the difference between the vagina and the vulva?

You’ll probably hear both these terms being thrown around like nobody’s business, so here’s a simple explainer for you:

  • Vagina: The vagina is the ‘passage’ which facilitates sexual intercourse and childbirth.
  • Vulva: Your external genital area, including the inner and outer lips (labia) is called the vulva. That’s everything covering the vagina.

What should my vagina look like?

Well now, that’s a question with more than one possible answer because, much like our faces, it’s rare that two vaginas look the same. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours.

  • The Lips: See those flaps of skin? They’re called the labia or lips. Sometimes the inner ones will be tucked away neatly inside the outer ones. And sometimes they won’t. Don’t panic though: It’s completely natural to have inner lips that dangle a bit.
  • Colour: Worried that there’s something wrong if the skin down there isn’t a nice peachy hue? Well, don’t be. The labia (lips) can naturally be a bit darker, with some even looking a tad red or purple. If you’re really worried that they’re the wrong colour because of an infection you should double check with your doctor but there’s usually absolutely nothing to worry about.

So, about those ‘fishy’ jokes, should my vagina smell?

Most girls feel a bit paranoid about vaginal odour from time to time but, believe it or not, it’s supposed to smell and everyone’s vagina has its own natural scent.

It’s important to head to a doctor if the smell becomes particularly strong and foul though. In that case it could be a sign  of an infection.

Do I need to give it a wash?

You can’t walk into a chemist without spotting a whole range of vaginal care products nowadays, with everything from wipes to washing gels gracing the shelves.

However, it’s actually best to avoid giving the inside a scrub because the vagina cleans itself naturally. If you start shoving things like soap in there you could upset the natural balance and wind up with an irritation or infection like thrush, for example.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep up a nice hygiene routine though: There’s absolutely no harm in keeping the outside fresh and clean.

Should I have hair down there?

Ah pubic hair. We’ve become particularly obsessed with it over the past few years and we’re forever talking about The Brazilian and The Vajazzle.

Fact is, we’re not entirely sure what those tufts below the belt are there for but they do absolutely no harm. Some people prefer to get rid of it all while others are happy to let the hair grow and flow.

It’s a completely personal decision at the end of the day, so you should always do what’s best for you.

I can’t find this G-Spot people keep going on about…

There’s nothing to worry about there: Most people can’t find it either but here's what you need to know about it.

  • The G-Spot is a pleasure point, an area of the body that’s supposed to give intense sexual pleasure when its stimulated.
  • It’s apparently located in the front wall of the vagina and has been dubbed the ‘female prostate’. Lads are supposed to have a G-Spot too, located somewhere near the prostate gland.
  • Some women say that when someone hits their G-Spot they experience something called ‘female ejaculation’ or ‘squirting’. That’s when fluid is suddenly released. Doctors are still debating about what the fluid is though.
  • In fact, they’re still not sure whether the G-Spot exists at all. Some researchers firmly believe in it, while others haven’t found any evidence of it.

What about the clitoris?

Well, we definitely know that this exists anyway. It’s the part of the vaginal/vulval area that we tend to associate with masturbation and the female orgasm.

  • You’ll find the clitoris poking it’s little head out at the very top of the vaginal lips. It’s generally a small pea-shaped bump but its size and shape can vary.
  • The little fleshy hood that’s covering it retracts when a woman is sexually aroused. The little bump fills with blood making the already sensitive spot even more delicate to touch.
  • When stimulated by the mouth, fingers, penis or sex toy, the clitoris can give a woman sexual pleasure.

Sometimes direct contact with it can be painful though, so it’s important to work out what’s best for you.

Remember, your vagina is your friend and needs TLC

Keep an eye on it using a little mirror and take good care of it by having sexual health checkups from time to time.

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Published October 22nd, 2014
Last updated March 15th, 2017
Tags vagina, women's health sexual health
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