Leaving Cert students are no longer allowed to contact teachers

Contacting teachers in regards to grading will be considered canvassing by the Department
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The Department of Education has said that Leaving Cert students are no longer allowed to receive teaching instruction from their teachers, or to contact them to discuss their grades or class ranking. All Leaving Cert classes officially ended on the 11th of May and from then on students who try to contact their teachers to discuss their grades will be viewed as “canvassing”, which means trying to influence the grade they will receive from their teacher.

The Department ban Leaving Cert students from contacting teachers 

In a statement, the Department said: “No additional work will be accepted from students from this date. Teachers and students may not discuss the student’s achievement in the subject over the past two years. Nor can they discuss the student’s ranking in a class, or their estimated mark or the level at which an estimated mark is to be provided in a subject.”

The Department also said that Leaving Cert students continue to be students of their schools until the end of term and their “wellbeing should be supported in line with department guidelines on the role of the student support team.”

What happens if a student is accused of canvassing? 

Department officials are currently working on a system to deal with any reports of canvassing from students or parents. If any canvassing takes place the rules are likely to state that the canvassing must be formally recorded by the school and then reported to the Department of Education. The Department said that detailed guidance for teachers and principals is being developed on this topic and will be available soon.

Have teachers begun the grading process? 

Teachers are currently being told that they must wait until they have received training and guidance from the Department before starting any work on the calculated grading process. The Department said training and detailed guidance will be available “shortly.” The Teachers’ unions have been told grading will take place over a number of weeks and is likely to be completed in late May or June. The Government hopes to be able to give final grades to students in August, similar to the normal results timetable.

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