Staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic

There are things you can do to make sure you stay healthy while the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is happening
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The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has changed the way we live our lives. It is now harder to go outside, get exercise, pick up groceries, and do some of the things we enjoy.

This means it might be easier to slip into unhealthy habits. It’s important not to be too hard on yourself if this happens, but instead take small steps to introduce healthier routines into your life.

How to stay healthy during COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Here are some tips for staying healthy during this time:

Know how to protect yourself

Understanding how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is the best way to stay healthy and avoid catching the virus. Simple steps like washing our hands, practicing social distancing, and isolating ourselves if we feel sick are all important to stop the spread.

Find advice here on protecting yourself from COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Eat well

It can be easy to graze on snacks when you’re spending time at home, but try your best to plan for three healthy meals a day. It’s okay to eat less healthy food every now and then, but eating well is good for your mental and physical wellbeing and can help to give you more energy and feel better.

Get some exercise

If you’re used to getting outside to be active or going to the gym, being stuck at home could be difficult for you. However, it is possible to be active at home, and getting exercise is great for your mental and physical health.

Here are some exercise ideas you can do at home.

Get some sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is really important for your mental health. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule can be difficult when you’re spending all your time at home, but trying to establish a routine can help to bring structure to your day. Here’s some advice for getting sleep during the pandemic.

Take your medication

If you are on medication for a medical condition, it’s important to stay on top of it. Check your prescription and make sure you have enough to keep you going – there’s no need to stockpile, but try and get enough to keep you going for a few weeks or months, depending on the type of prescription you are on.

Here are 8 ways to remember to take your medication

Talk to someone about how you’re feeling

This is a stressful time, and it’s normal to feel anxious, scared, or sad. It’s important to talk about how you’re feeling, whether that’s with a friend, a family member, or a support service. Talking helps us to feel better and understand what we’re going through.

Here’s a list of mental health support services available during the COVID-19 pandemic. text message support service

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