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Everything you need to know about living a healthy, happy life.
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What to do if you are considering self harm There are other, healthy ways to deal with difficult emotions without self harming

How to help someone in a self harm emergency In a self harm emergency getting professional help is the best thing you can do

How to tell someone you self harm Making the decision to tell someone is a positive step and is something you will want to do when the time is right for you

What to say to someone who self harms Listening to someone when they open up about self harm can be a big help

How to get support for self harm Learn more about who you can turn to for support if you self harm

Living with your self harm scars Although you may not love your scars, accepting and even embracing them is possible

How to help a family member who is self harming It can be worrying knowing a family member is harming themselves, especially when it’s a sibling or parent

Why do people self harm? Understanding why people self harm can help you to support someone who is self harming

Practical help for self harm If you are using self harm as a way to cope with difficult emotions, there are places you can turn to for help

Could you have a problem with porn? There are things you can do if you have concerns about your porn use

How to tell your partner you have an STI It’s important to have this conversation with all of your recent sexual partners if you find out you have an STI

STI clinics in colleges across Ireland STI tests are fast and easy to do. Many colleges across Ireland offer STI screenings for students.