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Body Smells

How to stay fresh.

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in health

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From puberty onwards, sweat glands become more active and body odour can smell stronger, especially in your armpits, feet and genitals.

  • Fresh sweat doesn’t smell, it’s only when the sweat lingers on your skin or clothes for a while that things get stinky.
  • Shower every day or more often if you feel the need -- for example, if you take part in sports or if the weather is warm.
  • Use soap or shower gel and make sure to give the hotspots (armpits, feet, genitals) a good scrubbing.
  • Try using a roll-on deodorant or antiperspirant (sprays are bad for the environment) daily. Deodorants work by hiding sweaty smells, while antiperspirants stop or dry up the sweat. 
  • Cotton underwear, socks and t-shirts are usually better than man-made materials for dealing with sweat. Using cotton clothing next to your body can help to ensure that you stay fresh and clean feeling.
  • Change your underwear every day.
  • If you’re worried that you sweat too much, or if you notice a strange body smell, talk to a doctor about it. Sometimes body smells can be linked to a health problem.

Smelly feet:

  • Feet get a special mention because they can really stink at times.Don’t feel embarrassed about it, most people have to deal with smelly feet at some point in their lives.
  • As feet often spend all day inside socks and shoes, sweat doesn’t have a chance to dry out or be rubbed off and can become smelly quicker than other body parts.
  • Again shower daily, keep your feet clean and toenails short and clean.
  • Wear cotton socks -- they let sweat evaporate from your feet better than man-made materials.
  • Change your socks and shoes daily and even more if you are sweating a lot (it’s a good idea to wear different socks and shoes for sports).
  • If you keep your feet clean but they still smell, it might mean that you have a fungal infection such as athlete’s foot. Try anti-fungal creams or powders and check with your doctor, especially if you notice itchiness or red, cracked, flaky or sore skin.
  • Sweat tends to dry into your shoes so if they’re getting smelly, clean them with an anti-fungal powder or spray.
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Published December 11th, 2012
Last updated September 29th, 2015
Tags health hygiene
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