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Easy ways to get your 5-a-day

Try these ideas to get more fruit and veg into your diet.

Written by SpunOut | View this authors Twitter page and posted in health

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It can be tough to squeeze those 5 (80g portions) into our daily diets, not to mention it can add up. The good news is everything counts. The easiest way is to add them to the dishes you already enjoy. Just remember variety.

Some ideas:

Fresh fruit or frozen.  Frozen fruits can help you save during the months that fresh fruits are out of season. Though if you are choosing frozen fruit, be sure to check the added sugars and preservative information on the bag. Pour 1-2 cups of milk into the blender, add your favorite fruit and ice, and enjoy a tasty drink while getting your fruit serving.

Tasty fruit combo ideas:

  • Strawberry & Banana
  • Strawberry & Mango
  • Blueberry & Pomegranate
  • Banana & Pineapple
  • Strawberry & Kiwi

Don’t be afraid to get creative!



A nice dip for a snack or a spread that can actually be made healthily. Avocados are on the list of superfoods (link), and they are the main ingredient of this dish. Many recipes only call for avocado, salt, and a spritz of lemon juice, but you can add more flavor and fruits and veggies by including diced up tomato and onion as well. Tip: an avocado is ripe (ready for eating) when the bottom stem is green but if it’s brown - it’s gone off.

Fruit Topping:
A bowl of cereal, oatmeal, porridge, yogurt, or even ice cream can be enriched in flavor with some fresh fruit toppings.

Veggie Omelette:
Dice up some peppers and onions and scramble them in with your eggs. If you like mushrooms, toss them in too! For extra taste add in your favorite cheese, and enjoy for any meal of the day.

Pre-made Salad/ Fruit Salad:
Make a big bowl of your favorite salad or fruit salad, and keep it refrigerated so that you can add it to your meals throughout the week. This is great for those weeks when you are always on the move, and don’t have time to chop veggies or mix fruits. Add lemon juice to the mix to avoid fruit from going brown.

It’s a great snack and it’s packed with veggies! Salsa has your tomatoes, onion, and peppers. You can make it on your own with some olive oil and lime juice, or you can purchase it at the store. But as with all ready-made products, compare the back of the jar with others to be sure you receive the best nutritional value. Some salsa recipes also include corn and black beans, which will only contribute to your veggie portions.

Tip: Pack your lunch for the day - the night before - instead of buying it, and include some of those fruits and veggies you enjoy eating. You’ll not only save money, but when those afternoon munchies roll along, you’ll have a healthy option to enjoy.

Links: Shoutout to the awesome SpunOutter, Georgina, who shared this link to a recipe for berry pops! 

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Published September 11th, 2014
Last updated October 1st, 2015
Tags food healthy eating
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