SpunOut.ie’s Anti-Racism Guide

Read our articles that support the Black Lives matter movement and promote the voices of young people of colour
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Racism is deeply rooted in the structures of our society, giving privilege to mainly white people and which are biased against people of colour. Since the killing of George Floyd on the 25th of May 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted the extent to which racism continues to exist around the world. It is vital that we all work to educate ourselves about racism and the experiences of people from minority groups, and actively behave in ways that are anti-racist. 

SpunOut.ie’s Anti-Racism Guide 

This guide contains anti-racism articles from the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) and spunout, guides to understanding the Black Lives Matter movement, lived experience pieces by young people from minority backgrounds and opinion pieces as to why being actively anti-racist is essential. 

Share your experiences as a person from a minority group in Ireland

At spunout we want to prioritise giving young people from minority backgrounds a platform on which they can share their experiences, opinions and advice and actively work to ensure the content we produce is inclusive of all young people in Ireland. If you are a young person living in Ireland from a minority background and would like to share your experiences, get in touch and our Voices Editor will work with you to help publish your work on site. 

Understanding racism 

Challenging racism

Black Lives Matter explainers 

Experiences of racism in Ireland 

Black Lives Matter opinion pieces 

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